Donna Rae


Donna Rae was born in Toronto, lived there for 25 years, then lived for a brief time in
Ottawa before moving to Vancouver, B.C.

Her spiritual path led her to serious illness around age 40 (chronic fatigue, cancer,
fibromyalgia and heart attack) and when no help could be elicited, she chose to start
studying medicine and natural health in an effort to help herself. She took pre-med
courses from bed and then herbology and nutrition. After healing her body, she
continued to study and decided to dedicate the rest of her life to her spiritual path
and helping others. A vow of poverty was taken and direction received to travel to
Medicine Hat, Alberta where she started the Natural Healing Clinic.

For 4 1/2 years in Medicine Hat she produced a television show called “Healing with
Nature” where every day she instructed people in a half hour show on natural healing
methods they could do for themselves. She feels that it is important that self healing
must be taught so that people become empowered and take control of their life and
their health. She has taught courses at the local college and in her own clinic.

She continues to take several courses each year

Here is a recap of her bio:

DONNA RAE, Natural Health Consultant, Wholistic Intuit.

Certificates received:

Biological Medicine
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
Wholistic Therapist
Master Herbalist
CranioSacral Therapist
Bio-Resonance Therapist

She has also taken specific training for:

Oriental Diagnosis and Medicine Sclerology
Body Electronics
Contact Reflex Analysis
Sound Healing
Color Healing
Essential oil/Aromatherapy Healing
Vitamin and Mineral Therapy
Shamanic Healing
Body Mechanics
Spiritual Healing
Emotional Release Therapy
Pranic Healing
Reiki Healing
Crystal Technology & Healing
Divine Energetic Healing
Biofrequency and Vibrational Healing
Shiatsu Hands on Healing
Touch for Health Rayid
Siberian Bodywork
Tibetan Healing
Tuning Fork Therapy
Voice Energetics
Quantum Healing
Genetic Reprogramming
Live Blood Cell Analysis
Heart Rate Variability
Lymphatic Drainage
Ayurvedic Bodywork

Donna Rae’s Natural Healing Clinic has been operating in Medicine Hat since 1994.
For twenty years, her training has led her all over North America in search for
information and methods to help the body’s healing process. Her training is strictly
alternative therapies, and absolutely none of the training is recognized by any
governmental or health authority, however she continues to successfully assist
people that are interested in using alternative methods.

She uses her vast training to find the causes of underlying health problems and takes the time to educate the people she meets. She has received training from Hanna Kroeger, Wendell Hoffman, Lauren Garfield, Dr. Klinghardt, Dr. Rau, Bruce Berkowsky, David Slater, Dr. Brimhall, Dr. John Upledger, Dr. Terry Willard, Dr. Gary Young, Bernard Jensen, Dr.Valerie Worwood, Dr. John Christopher, Dr. Dick Versendaal, Dr. Klaus Kustermann, Dr. Alta Smit, Dr. John Beaulieu, Dr. Gunther Bauer, Rhonda Dorren, Dr. Kelly Farnsworth, Bruno Van Brandt, John F. Thie, and Llama Dorje. What all this training leads to is a good foundation for being a Wholistic Intuit.

The clinic is non-profit and no one takes a salary that works at the Clinic. She has
authored several books, and continues to write columns for several newspapers.