The Natural Healing Clinic began in Medicine Hat in 1994. It is a project of The Little
Dove Universal Faith Sanctuary, a non-profit charitable organization registered in the
Province of Alberta.



The Natural Healing Clinic currently operates out of the Little Dove Sanctuary, an old
church located at 470 8th St. SE on the southeast hill of Medicine Hat, Alberta. It is
a working clinic. At the clinic we grind, cap, formulate, make salves, test, research,
and most importantly, we teach. We teach our clients how to take care of themselves so they don’t get sick again, or if they do, how to help themselves.

We believe the body is capable of healing itself, it just gets overwhelmed with our
toxic food
emotional stress
pathologenic invaders (parasites, bacteria)
chemical poisons

If we find the actual cause of the distress, we have a greater chance of actually
getting good health back.

Everything should be examined to give light as to underlying causes. Our
various testings are not diagnostic tests, they are specifically looking for underlying
stresses that may cause poor health and they all give clues as to what direction you
should take to assist in removing those stresses.

What you put into your body is of vital importance. Can something as simple as food
therapy or cleansing programs actually help serious and complicated diseases?
Sometimes it is the only thing that can help!



Many people visit us to talk about their problems and perhaps obtain some herbal
teas or supplements. There is no charge for visits or consultations at our clinic, so
you need not worry if it is covered by a health plan.



Some people like to have us do a battery of investigations to give a deeper picture of
where their problems and solutions may be. We ask for a donation for these
investigations to help us offset the cost of our equipment. Most people are happy to
help us to help them. It is important to understand that the Natural Healing Clinic
does not perform diagnostic tests and does not diagnose disease. We use screening
and other techniques to alert us to underlying stresses and weaknesses in the body.

Here is an example of how an involved investigation may unfold.
We obtain a hair sample days before the actual visit. From it we find:
* vitamin/mineral deficiencies
* food sensitivities
* weak organs and tissues
* parasite problems
* fungal overgrowth
* chemical and metal toxicities
When you bring in your hair we may give you a lengthy form to complete which is a
symptomology report to give us further clues.


Flo Gracey, Wholistic Therapist.


When you attend, we do a live blood sample - only one drop is needed, to perform live cell analysis (aka darkfield analysis). This gives us a deeper picture of digestive disorders and immune weaknesses. We may also do a dry blood testing and then we take pictures of your eyes and lead you through an iridology(iris) investigation to see the weaknesses and problems of the body as they are reflected in the iris. 90% of the cranial nerves go through the eyes and they are a good source
of information.

We then may perform any of the following depending of the first bits of information we obtained:
* thermal imaging to see if there are hidden inflammation spots in the body
* vascular flow scanning to show blood is moving well through arteries
* live blood cell analysis to reveal clumping blood, parasites, imbalances
* thyroid and other gland or organ testing through acupuncture points to alert us to excessive or depleted energies
* heart rate variability to show how the heart and central nervous system is affecting the health
* our energy reading camera takes a picture of the body and can reveal distortion in energy points in organs and meridians

* alfa thermography gives a picture of the whole upper body to show where disorders are occurring, this gives off no radiation and it investigates the face, lymph, and digestion as well as the breasts.

* our rubi-med technology from Germany tests for emotional conflicts and blockages which may be in the way of the body's ability to heal itself.


Donna Rae


When all the facts are obtained we compile a report with our recommendations to help show you how you may work at helping their body regain good health. The report also gives a lot of information of health and wellbeing, and with the first visit a booklet is given, about 100 pages, teaching how to help deal with bacterial, parasite and viral infections using natural herbs and vitamins, teaching self help methods and much more.


If we find a person has developed allergies or sensitivities to foods or other material, we have a protocol that we follow to help:

Firstly we recognize that the immune system has become compromised in some way.

Then we can help the body identify the problem and deal with it. In a nutshell this is
what can happen:

We determine the cause.

A mother can pass on problems to the embryo she is carrying. Once born, vaccines can work to worsen an already weak situation.

Perhaps antibiotics have been taken one or more times; the more times, the
more damage. Steroids seem to cause the same damage. Each year the
weakness becomes deeper and deeper until asthma, bronchitis and other
pulmonary weaknesses emerge.

We investigate various substances to see how the body reacts to determine
which things needs to be addressed.

NAET is a system developed by Dr. Nambudripad to help eliminate allergy
problems. We do a similar system whereby a person holds on to vials of the
allergen while we zap a series of acupuncture points that release the trauma
being stored regarding that substance.

We also make a vibropathic formulas regarding the problem substance that can
be taken daily, further eliminating it as an allergen or sensitivity antagonist.

Finally we recommend cleansing and rebuilding the organs that have been
damaged and instruct on how to avoid damaging the body in the future.


Many people come with problems of muscle, ligament or bone pain. We do not do
chiropractic or massage and may refer a person to use these services. What we do
offer for PAIN MANAGEMENT is the following:



* Health products designed to help various problems such as arthritis,
inflammation, fibromyalgia, trauma from accidents.

* Thermal imaging machine allows us to see where inflammation may
be hiding that is not obvious to the touch

* Using the Ccuscope machine directs microcurrent technology for pain and healing
tissue. Works fast.

* Craniosacral Therapy may be considered a form of osteopathy that gently tunes
into the cerebrospinal fluid through the spinal cord to assist realign bones.
Bowen therapy works by gently rolling acorss muscle groups to encourage

* Bio Energetic Synchronized Therapy (B.E.S.T.) non-invasively works on emotional
and physical levels to electro-magnetically correct stresses that may be the
underlying causes of problems.

* Bio-Modulation is a small handheld device that first of all accesses the lack of electro-magnetism in the body, and then can deliver a special current to the area of weakness, strengthening and charging the body to help the body heal itself.

The clinic offers ‘traditional medicine’ as well as the latest advancements in
functional and biological wholistic treatments. The clinic does not diagnose disease,
it focuses on determining the underlying causes of ill health.


We don’t heal anyone. Your dis-ease has a cause, it is there for you to try and
correct. You may cut out a tumor, only to have another grow again. You may take a
pain pill for a headache, it comes back.
We work with you to help determine a cause to be corrected.
You may need to change your lifestyle, or have surgery, or de-stress in some way.
Take the stressors away from the body and it can now move to heal itself; it was
designed to do that. We believe our bodies are being overwhelmed with toxicities
and are unable to do the work they were designed to do. However old cells are
constantly being replaced with new ones - but you need to make those new ones




470-8th. St. SE.

Medicine Hat, Ab.